Door Styles & Finishes: Maple

Strong, beautiful and resilient, it’s no wonder Maple is a premier choice for home cabinetry. Our celebrated Maple collection embodies sophistication, offering unique natural characteristics along with high-quality stains and a uniformity that is ideal for clean, streamlined living spaces. Maple wood is unique in appearance and each piece is slightly different from the other giving each cabinet collection unique character.

Maple Features:

  • Creamy white to light blonde tones to dark reddish brown tones
  • Small mineral streaks of light blonde or reddish brown that darken with stain
  • Pin holes, curly birds-eye or burls

Imagine the possibilities as you choose from over 60 door style and finish combinations guaranteed to bring any space to life.

Please Note: Images are for illustrational purposes only. Actual product stains and finishes may vary from the images on our website. Please order samples for true representation. 
Metro Maple Door - This door style has limited availability. Please contact customer service before specifying door.